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  • Wedding Photos
  • Pictures of Turtles
  • A house we flipped (yes, where you buy a house cheap, fix it up and sell it)
  • Great places in Pensacola to take pictures of your family or your dog
  • Beautiful dollhouse photos
  • Our 2011 Renovation
  • Some of my favorite botanical photos, and more...

Photo Areas in Pensacola

Here are some of our favorie places to take portraits in the Pensacola area. Bayview Park has a nice dog beach and if you catch the light early in the morning, there are very few people (and pets!). The downtown area is truly beautiful with old bricks, tree-lined streets, wrought iron gates, and pretty areas with colorful flowers during the different seasons. I wanted to take this photos to show some of our great photo spots!

Photo Areas we like in Pensacola

Some of my Other Favorite Photos

There are so many photos over the years that no one ever sees...and many of them are my favorites for one reason or another. This seems like a good place to share some with you now.

Favorite Photos

Ken's Creations

You may have seen some of Ken's creations in our home, received them as gifts, or bid on them at a fundraising auction. He is always making something beautiful. Here are a few of his creations.

Ken's Woodworks

Our Own Dogs ~ And the newest member of our family...

Many times I want to share pictures of our own dogs with new friends and members of the Papillon Club of America (PCAR) Rescue volunteer list...so here are pictures of our very own fur friends. If you've never met our buddy Onyx...click on his name to see some funny snapshots we've taken over the years. Sadly we had to put our little buddy to sleep recently and we really miss him. He was over NINETEEN years old! No special effects or glamour shots here--just some regular 'ol pictures of a very loved 'ol dog. Angel was our first Papillon and you'll find a poem I wrote about her rescue. Our other Papillon, Annie, continues to adjust to her new life after rescue and is turning out to be a fun dog!

...and the newest member of our family is named Maria. This is the beginning of a new love story.

Angel's Story & Pictures

Weddings & More

Here are some samples of some of my wedding photographs, as well as portraits not found in some of my other Twinschoice or Photo Reflect galleries.



The Wisteria House Blog (Our First Flip)

Here is the blog on our "flip" when we purchased a house and renovated it all by ourselves! We sold the house in December 2007, but it's still fun to go back and read about all the stuff we accomplished. Would we do it again? Hmmmmm, perhaps.



Do you know I actually have another sister? Yep, she's three. She lives with my mom and dad. Visit her photo page below...from puppy to beauty.

See Maya's Photos

Pretty Botanicals by Karen

Here are some of my favorite flower photos...


Dolamore Dollhouse Pictures...

You have to take a look at the pictures I made of this unbelievable dollhouse that my friends Dave & Denise Dolamore built. It really is a dollhouse!

Come on in!

Hunt Test Pictures

Here are some examples of dog photos I took on a hunt test practice with my sister Linda and her cool friends. I'm always interested in this kind of photo opportunity. Follow this link for contact information and sample photos.

Dog Photos

Atlanta Aquarium Photos

Here's some cool pictures I did at the aquarium when we went to visit my sister, Susan, when she lived in Atlanta.

Aquarium Pictures

2011 Renovation

Here is the link to one of our fun renovations!