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Retouching (scroll down for samples of my work)

Every once in a while I get a great shot--but something might need a little touch-up. Here are a few examples of photos that I have retouched or totally changed just for the fun of it. Look at some of my side-by-side shots and read about how I changed the pictures...

hawkeye1 hawkeye2

The first thing I did in the photo above of Hawkeye was remove the leash that was on the ground and part of his blue guide dog coat that showed when I removed his leash. I removed the bright reflections in the background behind his left ear. I brightened his white chest hair. In the original photo his right eye was closed a bit, so I added a highlight to open the eye and make him look at me.  I blurred the background grass that was farthest away to make him appear more clear. I also picked up a piece of yellow grass and a dark leaf by his back left leg. Oh, and I removed the dead leaf from his chest. 

Retouched by Karen McClure Retouch Midnight

In this photograph, the first obvious thing is that I removed Midnight's leash. The collar appeared to be riding high on his neck when I "took the leash off" so I "removed" the collar as well. I also removed the black whatever-it-was from the bottom left of the photo. I changed the paved road to grass to make it appear as a park-like setting instead of my client's front yard. I highlighted the top edges of Midnight's ears so they would "stand out" against the dark tree.  I also darkened the branch of the fig tree. 

Retouch1 by Karen McClure

Retouch 2 by Karen McClure

One of my clients loved the way her dogs watched her every move while we were setting these vizlas up for a family photo. Although it was a fun shot, the red stripe really made the viewer's eye skip right over the tallest dog. So, I removed the stripe. 


This is an old Navy photo of my father (Yes, this is my photographer dad Jim Avery!). I removed several small brown spots on the background, scratches across his face, and "hairs" on the photo from lint on the lens. This sure is a lot easier than sharpening those retouching pencils on that vibrating table in the back of Coast Photo.

Retouch 3 by Karen Mcclure Retouch 4 by Karen McClure

In this photograph I removed the dog's leash but because I knew I would be adding his sister Dixie to this photo I merely muted the collar. I took off some of the highlights from his hock and stomach area so the picture would appear softer.  I removed the bit of tree in the upper left corner and I raked up the leaves between the dog's knees.  See the photo below for the final picture.

Retouch 5 by Karen McClure Retouch 6 by Karen McClure

I cropped Dixie out of another shot and superimposed her on the shot above next to Midnight. I removed her leash and changed the highlight in her eye so she would be looking in the same direction as Midnight.



In this picture I wanted to seat the two people closer together, so I moved the man in the blue suit, softened the areas in front and behind them, removed the white cup from the table in front of them, and moved both of their arms so it would appear they might be holding hands under the table.

Thanks for reading all of those captions! You would be amazed at what can be done to fix or repair an old or damaged photograph. If you love that special picture, but it needs a little help, give me a call. I'll see what I can do to make it better.