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Art & Photography Prices

...for pets and people...
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Please email me at notsusan@twinschoice.com
and put "Photo Shoot" in your subject line to
ask me if I am scheduling photo sessions at this time. Thanks!

Basic $250.00 "On Location" Photo Package

If you live in or near the Pensacola, Florida area, (up to 50 miles) I will come to you and your pet at your home or setting of your choice (your yard, the park, a dog show, the beach, etc.) and I will shoot several digital photos to give you between 20-25 proofs.  There may be a few extra final prints because it's always too hard narrow it down to my favorite 20! The photo session may take 30 minutes or 2 hours, depending on how much fun we're having!

It usually takes about one hour to get 20-40 good shots. This package is for ONE pet. Add $10 for each additional pet. If we're photographing only HUMANS, my prices are the same ($250) but I don't charge the extra $10 per person.

Over the next 2-3 weeks, I will print 4x6 proofs of the 20-25 digital pictures for you. These photo proofs will be the same photo quality you will receive when you get your finished portraits.  If you'd rather, I can make your proofs available in an online gallery that you may share with your friends and family after your package enlargements are chosen. I will ask you to choose your favorite pose(s) out of these proofs and you will receive the following prints:

In addition to the proofs, these are INCLUDED in the package price!
You choose which ones you want enlarged, too!

One 8x10 photo
Two 5x7 photos
Eight Wallet Photos

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After you choose the prints you want, you may also purchase additional prints and enlargements at the following prices.

Wallet Photo (2 per sheet) $3.00 for two wallet prints
4x6 Print $3.00 each
5x7 Print $8.00 each
8x10 Print $14.00 each

Miscellaneous Pricing Information

Special Effect portrait prices begin at $100.00 and average about $200.00, depending on the amount of work I will have to do in PhotoShop to the original digital files. I will give you a guaranteed price BEFORE I begin the work on any special effect picture. These fees also include me taking the digital photo(s) to use in the finished print.  I can give you sample prices from photos you see on my website under "Special Effects" or "Pet Portraits." 

If you have a photo of something, someone, or a beloved pet and you want me to marry two photos or talk with you about whether we can magically include a missing loved one from an existing photo, call me and we can talk about whether we can make it work with the photos you have. I understand sometimes we have to work with what we have, and I will do everything to help you create a special photo of a loved one.

Here are some sample prices to give you an idea of what it would cost for me to do a unique portrait or special effect. All of these prices are if I take the digital photo. I may need to talk with you about the price if I have to spend a lot of time retouching an older photo or getting your photo to work in the special effects creation. See my Special Effects page for samples of my work. I should be able to give you a very good idea of what it will cost, once I know what you want me to create.

  • Black and White Portrait of any color shot I take, $5.00 plus the price of the print.
  • Sepia Tone Portrait of any color or B&W shot, $6.00 plus the price of the print.
  • Hourly rate $20 for special graphic services such as my time repairing a water damaged photo, adding special effects to your digital photo, colorizing a B&W photo, etc.

Digital jpg files are also available and the price and sizes are negotiable. Call me about prices for purchasing complete CD of digital photos suitable for printing or emailing.

Wedding portrait information - I will no longer be taking wedding photos. Email me if you would like me to recommend a photographer.

If you have any questions about pricing or event photos, please call me at (850) 712-8913

~ Karen ~