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Logos & Designs

Alabama Gulf Coast Kennel Club

This logo was one of the first logos I did for a local kennel club. The club wanted representations of the different dogs included on their design. This included the working group, the toy group, the herding group, etc., so by drawing the different dogs myself, I was able to avoid using cartoon dogs and I was also able to avoid using photographs. Photos contain so many colors that trying to use them in some art doesn't always print correctly.

This logo looks very good in black & white which can easily be used on business cards and letterhead without costing a fortune to print.

GCKC Logo spacerGCKC Dogs

Golden Friends Rescue Logo

This logo was a cartoon drawing I did of a rescue pup named Travis. They wanted something that wasn't too cute because rescue is such a serious thing!

There was no real source photo for the "Nothing Butt Golden" graphic, but you can see two versions of this design below. These "butt" designs are used on the back of Golden Friends Rescue's thank you cards, on the back of t-shirts, and on double-sided tote bags.

I also made a black and white "stamp" design of the golden retriever head from the logo to be used on their website. Simple, but with those eyes--very effective!



Travis SourcespacerGFR Stamp

spacerNothing Butt Goldens


Drawing of "April"

This is an example of a drawing I made of a rescued sheltie puppy. If I have time, I try to take some "in progress" screen captures while I am creating the design to show my customer along the way or after I give them their final design. It's kind of neat to see how the drawing comes together. As you can tell--in a drawing like this, the first part (and most important, I feel) is the eyes.

I took different part of the photos they provided, and used a generic sheltie body pose to use as a model. I needed to figure out if I wanted the dog to be sitting or standing.

After I cut and pasted different parts of the photos together, I made sure to get the size of her "socks" and the white on her tail. There were no pictures of her left ear, but I used her other ear as a starting point. It's a lot easier for me to have a "whole" dog to draw from and then make necessary changes as I go along. I'd like to introduce "April!"




April Source

April In Progress

April In Progress


D & J Meat

This customer wanted a very basic logo that told their customers that their specialty was beef, pork, poultry and seafood. And it is all FRESH. Although the design is a simple one--it is obvious what this logo means. After the logo was approved, I drew this colorful business card for them. After D&J Meat received their order of cards from me, they said their customers couldn't get over the quality of the business cards and always took several when they came into the store. Nice!

This card was done with a nice glossy finish and the back of the card was done in B&W with their contact information. This was a nice way to get a full color business card with less costly B&W printing on the back. Printers charge you the same price for printing the back--whether you have two words or twenty words, and it looks great without crowding the front of the card.

I think it's fun when I need some clouds in a design or drawing--I just go outside and look for the perfect cluster of clouds and shoot a picture! Then play around with it on my computer till I get it just right. Same thing with grass. What did we ever do before digital cameras?? I know...I didn't do logos!







Drawing of "Chloe"

Here is a drawing of a drop-eared boxer named Chloe. I did this one just for fun because Chloe is such a fun dog and I made some notecards for her human as a way of saying thank you after a photo shoot.

Chloe ChloeSource

Golden Retriever Golden

Here is a drawing of a Golden Retriever named Molly. After I did this drawing, it would eventually be changed and used as a logo for a gathering of goldens called Goldstock. The theme this year is "Pirates."

At the time I did this drawing, the client's group was suffering the loss of a very dear friend named Mary Jane. If you look at the center of the drawing at the bottom, you can see "MJ" in the grass as a way of remembering a wonderful golden hero to all of them. I didn't tell them until later about the MJ.


Molly & MJ



Goldstock6 Goldstock 2009

Goldstock Pirate-Themed Design

This is a pirate theme Golden Retriever design I did for my Cafe Press store for Goldstock 2009 t-shirts and other items. The "Argrrrrrrrr" is actually my cap "feather" and the "grrrrrrrr" part is a pirate dog's soft growly noise. :-)



Brightly colored pirate puppy with purple accents...


Goldstock Puppy


Gate Design

This is a gate I drew that is being used by an embroidery company called MainGate Embroidery Plus. I drew it first, then years later I found someone that could use it! Sweet! Here are two versions of this design.





Child Drawing Logo Design

Here, the client wanted a logo design done where it appeared a child had drawn it (stick figures, out of proportion type design) because this nonprofit organization works with children that have cancer and life threatening blood disorders.

Gulf Coast Wings of Hope, Inc.



Here is a darling little dog named Scarlett. She is so tiny and soft...and just a sweetheart. This drawing was used for notecards and bookmarks.

Scarlett Drawing
spacerScarlett Source

Market Square Ad


Market Square Ad

This is an advertisement I created for the Mobile, Alabama version of a national magazine called Natural Awakenings. The magazine is filled with healthy good things and promotes a healthy lifestyle. It was fun making this such a colorful design.

They needed all of this information in a little space, but I think I was still able to leave enough "white space" to make it a pleasing design.

It looked really good in the finished magazine!

Happy Molly


This is a little golden I drew and I use her as my avatar in a golden retriever forum.

I really own a rescued Dachshund, but I didn't think that would be appropriate to use my Maria if everyone else uses something "Golden" as their avatar.

I call this sweet girl "Happy Molly."

My Silhouettes....


German Shepherd Silhouette

Labrador Silhouette

I remember finding an old silhouette picture in some papers from a long time ago--maybe when I was in kindergarten? I've seen elaborate silhouettes done recently that were done using some kind of computer technique or program. I saw them at a festival or outdoor event but they just didn't seem as natural as the one I found from so long ago.

I took some side photos of some of my favorite pet clients and hand drew my own silhouettes. It was fun choosing how to draw the hairs and everything. I really like the way they turned out! I framed them in oval frames and made gift cards out of these two designs. The first is a German Shepherd and the second one is a Labrador Retriever (black of course). :-)

Here are some of my latest creations...