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Graphite Drawings
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Graphite Portraits by Karen McClure

Did you ever open a magazine when you were younger and see one of those ads where you were told to "Draw Winky" and send it in for an analysis of your talent? I used to draw those pictures all the time as a child. I never sent them in, but I secretly wished someone would tell me I was truly an artist. I never drew more than "Winky" and when I flunked art in high school, I figured there was no hope for me.

Some twenty five years later my twin sister showed me a book by Lee Hammond and it changed my life forever. Sounds rather dramatic, I know, but it's true. Know a young artist? Always wanted to draw? Go find one of Lee's books (mine was used from the Internet) and see what I'm talking about with that "changed my life" thing. Go get the book.