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Good Links

Sometimes I run across a really good site and think it's worth sharing. Sometimes a friend has a Web site that I want to pass along. Visit some of my favorites below.

I meet a really nice photographer yesterday at the Arthritis Foundation fundraising event in Pensacola. Her name is Allison Shamrell. She is also a pet photographer in Pensacola, and her work is beautiful. If your regular pet photographer isn't available (wink-wink) and you want to set up a shoot, give Allison a call!

You'll love her homepage! Funny rollover images and photos to make you smile!

Check out some of her work on her website at: http://www.AllisonShamrell.com and tell her Karen sent you!

I think digital photography newsletters should make you want to click on their links and make you smile. If you're looking for a fun group of folks that are off-the-wall and full of crazy ideas...you need to subscribe to Photojojo. I am not responsible for the content in their newsletters but I can guarantee that you will rarely open it and delete it when you see it in your inbox. There's always something fun to try or an idea to share. Trust me--go there. Here's their page with fantastic photography gifts and gear.


Select this link to subscribe to their newsletter.


Expressive pet portraits captured in realistic detail by artist Susan Donley ~ Graphite pencil drawings; Watercolor/colored pencil & oil pastel paintingsIf you've ever thought about having a graphite portrait done of your pet, you just HAVE to visit Susan Donley's website and see some of her drawings. They are truly beautiful! Be sure to look for her in-progress drawing of Maggie. Go find that special photograph and contact Susan! Click on the link to her website below.


Oh my goodness! I found a great little toy for your favorite smaller dog!

One of the volunteers from our Papillon Club of America Rescue group said something about a toy called a "Merlin's Magical Ball" in one of her emails to the group and it started a whole string of emails asking what the heck a Merlin's Magical Ball was. She provided a link to a wonderful lady named Ann that lives in Hawaii and a website with pictures. After I saw what a Merlin's Magical Ball was, I just had to order a pack of six for my little Papillon, Annie, and her brother Onyx! If you know of anyone that has a dog that might be a little shy or doesn't usually play with toys, I highly recommend you give Ann's little treasures a try. The toys are super soft, made of fleece, very colorful and "squishy" and have a squeaker. Annie and Onyx just love them and after I wrestled five of the six away from Annie (she hid one of them!), Onyx and I played toss for nearly 30 minutes straight. Onyx is not young (18!) and has only played with one other toy ~ his hamburger ~ for the past two years. The Merlin's Magical Ball with the most blue is his favorite new toy. Thank you, Ann! We just LOVE them!!! Ann also has beautiful Aloha Bellybands and Collar Covers on her Web site and great prices, too.

Contact Ann by going to her site below or emailing her at HashiHI@aol.com. She takes PayPal and she is quick on her shipping. I'm truly impressed with her service! Tell her Karen from Pensacola, Florida said hello!


Music of Art! ~ Live Caribbean Steel Drum Music for your next party!

My friend Art performs great live Caribbean Steel Drum music, and he provides all the standards for parties, receptions, weddings, luaus, dinners, anniversaries ~ poolside or at the beach. You might have seen him performing in Pensacola and the surrounding area. His music styles include rock, country, jazz, swing, reggae, Hawaiian, folk, ballad, waltz, polka, foxtrot, and funk. He performs the best of live music for all occasions and all age groups.His music spans from the 30's to that of Today's Top 40's. Art also performs seasonal music for Christmas, Easter, Mardi Gras and Octoberfest. Learn more about Art's extensive entertainment history by reading his biography on his website below, or call Art and tell him Karen from TwinsChoice sent you!

Art Brockmeier can be contacted in Pensacola, Florida at (850) 304-6448 or email: ambrock@cox.net


EZTipi ~ The ultimate affordable camping tipi

Looking for something fun to do? Looking for a cool gift? You've got to check out our friend's site! He was on a search for the ultimate camping shelter...A shelter that would not just keep him dry, but also warm. He looked at just about everything out there...Dome tents, canvas tents, Diamond shelters. Through all this searching, he discovered the huge advantages of tipi camping! Select his link below to see all sorts of pictures, answers to your questions, and lots of great information.


The Twins Network ~ The Resource for Understanding Twins and Sharing Information

This is a neat site with all sorts of good stuff about twins.  There are all sorts of twin facts (like "Twin" comes from the German word "twine" meaning "two together" and "Identical twins show almost identical brain wave patterns."


TIP (Trauma Intervention Program)

This is the site for the Escambia/Santa Rosa Volunteers that are called by first responders in Pensacola and the surrounding areas to assist victims and their families in a crisis (such as a drowning or vehicle accident). Be sure to take 2 minutes to read "Tommy's Message" on that first page. It really gives you an understanding about what TIP is about.


Papillon Club of America

As most of you know, we are the proud owners of another Papillon (it really is spelled that way), named Annie. She's all over my site and she's a great dog. The first link below is the site where we found her. If you want to see other people that are ga-ga over their paps, click the rescue page below and read the "Happy Endings" page. Okay, it's because Annie is on there.  Lots of neat stuff and we're not the only people wild about the breed. Everything they say is true, including the "zoomies."  http://www.papillonclub.org/rescue



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